I help companies become resilient, agile and fit for the future.

I help create a working culture that can thrive and flex in a world where change is constant and old ways no longer work.

I apply behavioural science principles to foster courageous leadership and skilled management.

I find ways to harness an organisation’s innate collective intelligence on how to work more effectively.


Leveraging collective intelligence and effort


Appreciating what works; fixing what doesn’t


Enabling leaders, managers and teams to deliver their best


Boosting wellbeing

What I do

I work with clients to build organisational resilience so that, without me, they can cope with change and adapt effectively.

Organisation Development

Organisational development is about building and maintaining the health of an organisation as a total system through a carefully planned set of activities.

  • Getting under the skin of knotty organisational problems
  • Building common purpose, engaging hearts and minds and orchestrating solutions
  • Building organisations that can adapt without needing constant restructuring

Leadership Development

Creating a flexible, agile organisational culture is as important for leaders as building new business, enhancing brands and attracting the best talent.

  • Developing the practical skills to lead, evolve and adapt organisations
  • Transforming the way organisations operate to embrace challenge and opportunity
  • Leveraging collective effort to tackle complex and seemingly intractable problems

Resilience Building

The ability to deal with ambiguity and thrive in challenging circumstances is at the heart of healthy and productive organisations.

  • Developing practical skills to build resilience
  • Boosting the health and wellbeing of employees and improving ways of working
  • Delivering people safely through change, whatever their destination

My Approach


Connect voices of people and partners. Build common purpose and engage hearts and minds. Inspire action.


Explore knotty challenges and find solutions. Pilot new ways of working and behaving. Capture good practice.


Codify what works. Adapt to suit local needs. Accelerate change through active dissemination.


“Tracy Butterworth helps people identify steps they can  take to energise their work.”

About me

I’m Tracy Butterworth, an organisational consultant specialising in people, organisations and behaviour with a proven track record in helping companies build high performance. Using expertise in applied behavioural science, organisational effectiveness, leadership, wellbeing and resilience, I help leaders, teams and individuals realise their potential.

I believe in people ‘doing organisation development’ for themselves and identifying the steps they can take to energise their work and that of their teams, improve performance and increase productivity - no matter where they work.

I am qualified with the NTL Institute of Applied Behavioural Science, a graduate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a qualified yoga instructor. I am author of ‘Wisdom at Work: Lessons on Innovation for Leaders, Managers and Teams’ which you can find on Amazon.

Wisdom at Work: Lessons on Innovation for Leaders, Managers and Teams

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‘Tracy Butterworth’s work has enhanced our leadership capability and created sustainable solutions that will outlive her time with us.’ Peter Stewart, NHS.

‘Tracy helped us to launch a series of wellbeing projects, facilitating our HR Group to create their own toolkit and saving over £1m in productivity.’ Anne Copeland, ex Director of HR, Central Government

‘Tracy Butterworth helped us design our local decision-making model and provided expert facilitation to our clinical evaluation panels.” Louise Mitchell, NHS.

‘Tracy designed and facilitated simulations on our new operating model that placed our team and suppliers in the “eye of the storm”, kick starting progress, enhancing relationships and boosting collaboration.’ Teresa St Catherine, Legal & General

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BBC TVStoryhouseCabinet OfficeSlough Borough CouncilBarnet GP FederationDepartment of EducationThreeLegal & GeneralNorthamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustHillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustISG Construction

Helped leaders to accelerate the separation of production and commissioning operations

Helped the CEO and Artistic Director to build a larger, more diverse operation - a £37m theatre, library, restaurant and cinema

Working with the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit to drive Civil Service wide reform of HR

Helped leaders identify how their organisation might better serve residents and the wider community

Facilitated a board development programme, gathering leaders from across health and social care and patient groups

Working with the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit to drive Civil Service wide reform of HR

Coached senior managers in sales, technology and programme office to lead organisational change and transformation

Helped leaders test and develop a new operating model, organisation structure and processes

Identified a strategy and plan to boost employee health, wellbeing and performance

Quality assured the design of an organisation development programme

Led a health and wellbeing programme for construction teams and their supply chains, boosting wellbeing and performance

email: tracy@tracybutterworth.co.uk

phone: 07801 418795


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